Red Twig Dogwoods, Outdoors and In

Redtwig dogwood "sculpture"

I thought perhaps I would not prune the dogwoods this year or force any branches for inside display. But now that the weather has finally warmed up, I found myself outside with the pruners in hand. Usually I cut branches for forcing in late February and then prune again later in the spring. This late in the year though, I’ll just do it once. I kept a light touch, just trimmed out the inner branches that were rubbing against each other. Afterwards, I had a small pile of branches which I brought inside. I trimmed them and arranged them in a tall, clear glass vase. Some of the branches are straight, but some are wonderfully curved. The composition has a beautiful structural quality. I put it on the sideboard in my foyer and I have to say, it looks quite lovely. And after just two days the buds are starting to leaf. I imagine it will last a few weeks, at which time the tulips should be blooming and I’ll be able to bring some more “springtime” inside.


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