Summer tomato harvest

This year, even despite an attack of hookworms, we’ve had a fabulous summer harvest of cherry tomatoes  (Sungold and Gardener’s Delight, both from  I used them to make this roasted tomato recipe and it was outrageous!  (Best at room temperature, with a little crumbled feta sprinkled over the top).

The hookworms seem to like the beefsteak tomatoes better than the cherry tomatoes.  I’ve had to harvest the beefsteaks while still green just to save them from the worms!  Now there’s a big bowl of them sitting on my kitchen windowsill, slowly coloring up.  As soon as they’re ready, I’ll try the roasted tomato recipe with this variety as well – plus some stuffed with breadcrumbs, olive oil, parsley and cheese and then baked.  Mmmmm!

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One response to “Summer tomato harvest

  1. Larry Heathcote

    Wow! Nice tomatoes!!
    Fresh, vine ripened are the best. I love pretty much all varieties. Roasted tomatoes & feta…oh my!!
    I wish I had the time (and the right soil) to grow my own.

    Cheers, Larry

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