Flower Design Class #2 at Longwood Gardens

Yesterday evening, in Class #2, we explored the various shapes of flower designs – triangle, crescent, fan and more.  These can get pretty complicated!  Our assignment was to make a round arrangement with roses, stock, carnations, wax flower and lemon leaves.

I stepped WAY out of the box here by choosing pink flowers!  (Actually, the fellow to my right picked ivory, yellow, and orange, and his design was gorgeous!).  But anyway, mine turned out really full and lush, and I’m happy with the result.  Jane, the instructor, liked it too!  It’s now sitting on my kitchen table, awaiting company later this week.

Can’t wait for next class when we will make a ‘vegetative design.’  Jane explained that the vegetative style is a really good design for gardeners in the class.  I asked her to spend some time discussing how to use branches from garden shrubs in the design.  I’ve got so many beautiful shrubs in my borders that this will be a useful lesson.  Very grateful.


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