Book review: Edible Estates by Fritz Haeg

I wish I’d read Fritz Haeg’s ‘Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn, 2nd Revised Edition‘ before I planted my first vegetable garden. Then, I might have been brave enough to locate the garden on my front lawn (the only spot that gets full-day sun), instead of the less-ideal side yard. I was worried that a front yard garden might look too weird to the neighbors. Not any more! The essays, case studies and beautiful photographs have inspired me to begin planning a new vegetable garden smack in the center of my front yard. Not only will my new garden be beautiful and tasty, but it will also help build community in my suburban NJ neighborhood.

I highly recommend this book if:

* You’re considering a new vegetable garden or any front yard garden; and
* You’re already an experienced gardener

It’s not a a basic ‘how to garden’ primer, but there are plenty of other books on that topic.

Now, I’m in the ‘design’ phase. But I’m eagerly anticipating spring to break ground and start planting!


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