Spring! Welcome back, I’ve missed you so….

Even before the daffodils bloom, I’ve been on the hunt for signs of spring.  And pleased to say that the signs are cropping up everywhere around my yard.  Here are a few:

Lovely winter aconite, also known as 'wolf's bane'

Stella d'Oro daylily

Purple Plum heuchera

'Autumn Joy' sedum, one of my favorites

A brave snowdrop

There is a tenacious little Ilex crenata that the birds must have deposited.  Last year I dug it out from under the roots of a Barberry shrub – and now it’s back!

And the best prize of all, from the vegetable garden, a tiny bunch of Lamb’s lettuce that sprouted from last year’s seed.  Amazing!

Mache or Lamb's lettuce

It is almost time to plan out my new plantings for this year.  Lots of work in the back woods border, new vegetable beds.  I’ve even ordered some asparagus crowns for the vegetable garden – first ever attempt at asparagus.  Ah, the prospects are enticing!  Spring, welcome back, you’ve been away too long!


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