Book Review: The Organic Lawn Care Manual by Paul Tukey

Disclaimer!  I’ve just joined the wonderful book site, Goodreads (, and now have a huge backlog of garden books to review.  So I’ll be posting them periodically over the next few weeks.  Look for me on Goodreads if you’re a member too!

The Organic Lawn Care Manual, by Paul Tukey

My husband purchased “The Organic Lawn Care Manual” in 2008. Out of curiousity, I thumbed through it and found it highly compelling. Paul Tukey’s advice just makes good sense – for the earth and for ourselves. And it’s easy to follow. We immediately adopted the all organic routine, tested our soil and amended it based on the results, applied corn gluten for weed control, and even started making compost. Our lawn looks great, not in a 1950’s suburban perfect sort of way, but real and healthy. What’s more though – the book inspired me to start advocating for natural lawn and garden care practices. I  joined the Million Acre Challenge, and even did a speech on organic gardening at my local Toastmasters club. I’m not exaggerating by saying that this book inspired me to make many positive changes in my life and my community. If you care about the environment, it’s a must read!


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