Winter Container Class Redux

I loved last year’s Winter Container Garden class at Longwood so much that I decided to give a similar class this year as a contribution to the UUCCH auction.  We had a gorgeous, sunny afternoon for planting.  It’s hard to believe a hurricane came through the mid-Atlantic just a few weeks ago, but one benefit is that I collected dozens of fallen pine and birch branches to decorate the containers.  We did fine-textured evergreens (arbor vitae and variegated dwarf false cypress) with lovely red-tinged nandina domestica.  In fact, the nandina were so large that we ended up splitting them in half to use two per container.  For accents, I cut holly, beauty berry and magnolia stems from the UUCCH grounds.  My friend Mia brought along some holly from her yard, and some wonderful rhododendron as well.  In fact, we had so many cut branches that I ended up using them to accent my planting beds and other containers as well.  All the guests added their own unique touches to the containers, and I have to say, the results were lovely.  All told, a successful class and supremely pleasant afternoon.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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